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GE FirstBuild

Once GE FirstBuild added MakerBot® Replicator® 3D Printers to their toolkit, they were able to prototype and test the next generation of smart home appliances in real time. In the words of the company, “a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.” Learn how GE FirstBuild saves time and encourages innovation with the help of MakerBot Replicators.

Lockheed Martin

You won't believe what the Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center created for NASA with their MakerBot® Desktop 3D Printers.

The James Webb Telescope will be NASA's biggest science mission to date, the largest telescope ever launched, and the first to carry a camera optimized for viewing infrared light, the NIRCam. Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is tasked with building it.

To move things along the team at ATC purchased a few MakerBot Desktop 3D Printers. John Camp, a former Lockheed Martin mechanical engineer, created the 3D printing lab that helped ATC deliver the NIRCam to the Johnson Space Center on time and continues to serve ATC's many projects for NASA.


Ian Bernstein, cofounder and CTO of connected toy company Orbotix, created the breakthrough prototype of Ollie, a remote control vehicle, on a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer.

"When we started Orbotix, I was building all the Sphero prototypes with paper clips and brass and stuff like that, and you can only go so far," Bernstein said. "Having the MakerBot and being able to make more advanced parts, we're doing bigger and better things now."

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