WEBINAR: Introducing Students to the
World of 3D Printing
Best Practices For Implementing 3D Printing Into K12 Schools
In this webinar, Claire Luikart, Technology Special Projects Manager at St. Joseph's Academy, will talk about her and her school's efforts to introduce their students into the world of MakerBot and 3D Printing in specific and STEM in general through the following principles:
  • Granting full access to promote ownership
  • Encouraging experimentation with the technology they have at hand to fully understand it
  • Establishing a support system where students teach their peers
  • Establishing a school wide culture which encourages technophiles that seek to stay on the cutting edge
  • As an all-girls school, part of this effort is a very concerted push to encourage young women to hone their skills, nourish their interest and gain confidence in their abilities in tech