MakerBot Case Study: How StringKing is Disrupting the Lacrosse Market with MakerBot's Professional Solutions

Accelerating Iteration, Redefining What's Possible, and Challenging Industry-Leaders

MakerBot's 3D printing solutions can empower ambitious startups to challenge long-standing industry-leaders for market share. StringKing was on a mission to develop the best lacrosse sticks and heads on the market. To do so, the company's product development team needed a solution that could accelerate the iterative design process and enable faster decisions. As a result, StringKing invested in three MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D Printers.

Whereas lacrosse manufacturers typically release a few heads in a year at most, StringKing is setting a new precedent by releasing a family of six through the end of 2016 and into 2017 – and they've saved $90,000 in the process, by using MakerBot solutions. Discover how StringKing is bringing better products to market faster by downloading this case study.

Discussed in this Case Study:
  • How Startups Can Level the Playing Field When Challenging Industry Leaders
  • Accelerating Product Development with the MakerBot Z18
  • Cost and Time Savings with MakerBot vs a 3rd-Party 3D Printing Service
  • The Advantages of Iterating in Close Proximity to a Team

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