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"The Sketch printer is easy to use, and has great functionality. If you’re looking for an affordable 3D printer option, the MakerBot Sketch Classroom is perfect!"

- Beverly Owens, educator at Cleveland Early College High School


Claim This Offer Before May 14th

SKETCH: The 3D Printing Hybrid Learning Setup

Combine a 3D printer setup friendly to both teachers and students new to 3D printing with resources to make learning and implementing 3D printing a breeze — no matter the classroom setup.

MakerBot Certification

With over 15 hours of student curriculum accessible online, our Certification program gives your students the tools to build and strengthen their design thinking skills with 3D printing.

METHOD Series 3D Printers

Water-soluble supports, an enclosed heated chamber and swappable extruders for easy material printing can give your students the ability to prototype their ideas with advanced features made easy.

Tough PLA Filament

As tough as ABS and as printable as PLA
Greater durability than PLA — which means it can flex more than PLA before it breaks. Allowing students to push their prototypes further.


Orders that include at least one (1) MakerBot SKETCH 3D printer or MakerBot SKETCH Classroom bundle are eligible to receive a five percent (5%) discount off the entire order and three (3) free spools of PLA material (the “Offer”).

The Offer is only valid for orders that: (i) are placed through MakerBot Inside Sales, an authorized reseller* of MakerBot products, or; (ii) include at least one (1) MakerBot SKETCH 3D printer or MakerBot SKETCH Classroom bundle; (iii) are placed for non-resale or non-distribution purposes, and (iv) are shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

The Offer starts on April 01, 2021, and expires on May 14, 2021.

The Offer is valid while supplies last. The Offer is subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice. The Offer cannot be applied to previously purchased products. The Offer has no cash value.

All orders placed through MakerBot Inside Sales and shall be subject to MakerBot’s standard sale and shipping policies.

* Authorized resellers must have registered and approved opportunities with MakerBot in order to apply the Offer to more than one (1) product per order. This Offer is not valid for authorized resellers to place orders for stocking or other purposes.