Get Ready for The New Year with 3D Printing and Extra Filament. Lock in savings with the MakerBot SKETCH Classroom and get two extra spools of filament, plus the Educator’s Handbook to 3D Printing in the Classroom for free.

What Do I Get?
  • 2 x 3D Printers for Classroom Printing
  • 10 seats in Student Printer & Design Thinking Training
  • 2 seats in Teacher Printer Training
  • 6 total spools of PLA filament (4 included and 2 for free!)
  • 1 Educator’s Guidebook to 3D Printing in the Classroom (hardbook)
This offer expires Wednesday, August 31st.

Use the extra filament you get to print some of the projects included in the Educator’s Guidebook. Take a look below for project ideas:



Build a Cell City

Students build a “Cell City” by identifying, designing, and printing the various organelles that make up an animal call while describing how their functions work together as a city.

Find this lesson: p. 61

Fidget Spinner Science

Through this Fidget Spinner Science activity, students learn about the Conservation of Angular Momentum and use a practical method for validating the concept using a modified fidget spinner and an angular momentum isolation rig.

Find this lesson: p. 75

Two Faces and a Vase

Students will identify both shape and design by creating vases with the negative impressions of their own facial profile and develop an understanding of how negative and positive space can be used to create optical illusions.

Find this lesson: p. 109


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