Streamlined Science at Pfizer

Efficiently Developing Arthritis Drugs with a MakerBot 3D Printer

As one of the largest drug companies in the world, Pfizer improves millions of people’s lives every day. With a 150 year history, Pfizer’s success is largely built on rigorous studies done at its nine research and design facilities. At its Global Research and Development headquarters, scientists are utilizing a MakerBot Replicator® 3D Printer to study potentially breakthrough arthritis treatments. By 3D printing, Pfizer is streamlining research to accelerate innovation, retain a competitive edge, and test treatments that would otherwise be impossible. Download this case study to learn more.

Topics Discussed:
  • Accelerating Innovation to Develop Breakthrough Treatments
  • Proven ROI: How 3D Printing Enables Cost and Time-Effective Results
  • Streamlining Experimentation and Analysis
  • Creating Better Custom Solutions with 3D Printing
  • Optimizing a Workflow under Budget Constraints
  • The Benefits of the MakerBot 3D Printing Experience

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